International Conference on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (ICCPEC)

International Conference sub-themes

  1. Socio-Economic Impact
    Sub Themes
    • People and History of the region
    • Human capital development
    • Equitable inclusive and balanced development growth
    • Socio-economic, cultural and ethnic issues and regional integration
    • Institutional development and reforms
    • Extremism and security situation
    • Addressing eradication of poverty and inequalities
    • Sustainable development and environmental implication
    • Awareness on CPEC; Media Perspectives
    • Political parties and public opinion
  2. Urban Development in Pakistan
    • SEZs and Urban development
    • Mass Transit urban transport
    • Ambient environmental and health challenges
    • Building of new towns
  3. Trade and industrial cooperation
    • People to people contact for joint venture, entrepreneurs and business
    • Export promotion and Import substitution
    • Designing of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) under New Economic Geography (NEG)
    • Energy
  4. Natural resources and climate change
    • Agriculture development
    • Eco-tourism development
    • Natural resources and biological diversity
    • Urban renewal and building of new towns
    • Water resource development
    • Climate change and land use planning
    • Education and health development
  5. Job Growth and Human Resource Development
    • Prospects for employment
    • Skill development
    • Gender perspective
  6. Financing and financial sector integration>
    • Financial development strategy for equitable and inclusive growth
    • Fiscal and monetary policies and framework
    • Currency swap
    • Laws, rules and procedural development for financial integration
    • Financial inclusion
  7. Geo-Political Environment and regional integration
    • Improvement in border security-related concerns and issues
    • CPEC, connectivity and regional integration
    • CPEC and Neighbouring countries Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Russia and CARs